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Light Solutions offer a full range LED flexible self-adhesive tapes.

When incorporated into a kitchen design, LED kitchen lights can be used to dramatise the effect of mood lighting as well as being a task light in your kitchen working area.

Typical places for installation of LED kitchen lights include around plinths, above cupboards as wall washers or with the latest high output tape as linear task lighting for under cupboard use.

The range of LED kitchen lights includes standard 12v 60 LED’s per metre, IP65 rated, ultra high output 120 LED’s per metre, high output ‘5050’and full colour changing.

Our LED kitchen lights are available with remote dimmers, remote colour changers and a variety of switching options. We can cut to length from design drawings; attach input leads, ready to connect to a matched power supply.

Furthermore, we have a vast selection of aluminium profiles which we can cut to measure.

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In Drawer Lighting

Our new Drawer light comes in 3 sizes, 562mm, 762mm & 862mm. Runs off a 12v Driver and has a bright Neutral White LED. Integrated IR sensor that activates the light when the draw opens. Complete with all necessary wiring.

LED Corner Profile

Our LED corner profile is ideal for furniture, kitchens or display cabinets. Will take most 10mm tapes and is available with end caps and fixing brackets.
Available in 1 or 2m lengths or can be cut to size.

LED Lighting Profile

Our new lighting profile is ideal for illuminating glass signage, text and logo's or glass splash backs in kitchens.  Designed to take up to 6mm glass and is held tightly in place with a simple but clever vice system.
Available in 1 or 2m lengths.

led kitchen lights

3w 'COB' Chip on Board LED Downlight

Extremely bright, uniform light and wide beam angle. 60mm in diameter and 12.5mm deep. Fits into a blind hole and requires a 54mm cut out. Runs off a 12v power supply, and is available in stainless or aluminium finishes and Cool White or warm white colour temperatures.

kitchen cabinet lighting

COB Triangle

Bringing the old favourite triangle downlight up date with the latest LED technology. 3w 'COB' Chip on Board LED Downlight . Extremely bright, uniform light and wide beam angle. Runs off a 12v power supply, and is available in Cool White or warm white colour temperatures.

led kitchen lighting

LED ultra-thin Under Cabinet light

3w 'COB' Chip on Board LED Downlight . Extremely bright, uniform light and wide beam angle. 190mm x 60mm and only 5mm thick. Runs off a 12v power supply, and is available cool white or warm white colour temperatures. Manufactured from a solid piece of metal.

led kitchen tape connectors

LED Tape 'Fast Connectors'

Our new range of fast connectors allows you to quickly join LED tape without having to solder.  Simply ensure the polarity is correct and push the tape under the two prongs. Push down the snap fit cover that securely grips the tape in place. Suitable for use with most 8mm, 10mm and RGB colour changing tape. Range includes a 2m input lead with AMP connector, a butt connector and a 50mm link lead.

colour changing remote

Colour Changing Remote Control and Receiver

Light Solutions can now offer a colour changing remote control and receiver, incorporating an innovative 'touch wheel' allowing for infinite colours to be selected. It also allows for dimming and features such as merging and flashing. The receiver works on radio frequency and has a range of up to 15m. Suitable for use with any of our colour changing RGB tape in both 7.2w/m or 14.4w/m. Can control up to 216w on 12v or 432w on 24v. Requires a suitable driver and we can offer 15w,30w, 45w or 100w from stock.

Any of our RGB colour changing LED tape can be cut to length to the nearest 100mm and we can offer the pre-cut tape with input leads, the remote/receiver with matched driver for a simple 'plug and play' solution, with a dramatic lighting effect.

 kitchen triangle led light

GX53 Triangle Light

GX53 Triangle light- With fantastic light output and simplicity of fixing the ever popular GX53 has a new addition to the range. The new triangle down light takes the low energy 7w GX53 fluorescent or 3w GX53 lamps. Both are available in white or warm white and the lights run direct of the mains 240v supply. Measures 160 x 170 x 50mm.

 led dimmer controller

 Single Colour LED Dimmer Controller

A new addition to the Light Solutions range is the Single Colour LED Dimmer Controller. The kit comprises of a remote controller, LED power supply and connection block. The system is compatible with all single colour 12v and 24v LED kitchen lights. It works with LED tape and high powered LED kitchen cabinet lights. The controller switches the LED lights on/off to a range of up to 15m with an adjustment wheel to control the brightness. Max load on 12v DC is 15w & on 24vDC is 30w.

led t bar light

Led T Bar Light

Light Solutions can now offer this competitively price LED T-Bar overhead light. Suitable for over kitchen cabinet lighting or for bathroom cabinet lighting (check bathroom electrical zones).

It has a satin silver finish with 20 highly efficient LED's. This LED kitchen light has a low energy rating of only 2w, extremely long life and is available in 'cool white'. Measures 350mm wide, 180mm deep, with a 45mm 'rise'-requires a LED power supply/driver.

 led strip lights

High Output Linkable Strip Lights

Light Solutions are pleased to offer a new range of high output linkable LED strip lights. Strips can be butted together for a continuous length of light, linked together or mounted individually. The lights are energy efficient, the 600m version consumes 4w of power whilst producing 240 Lm of light- a suitable replacement for the traditional fluorescent fitting. Available in 150mm, 300mm & 600m lengths in white and warm white. A full range of fixing clips, joining leads and input cables also available.

 Kitchen lighting led delta

High Power LED Delta

The latest version of the every popular 'Delta' light.
Using the latest 24v 1.65w Optical LED, this light gives more light output than a 20w halogen, negligible heat & exceptional long life. A firm favourite with kitchen fitters due to its ease of installation.
 led surface

 High Power Cabinet LED-Surface

Using the same light source as the High Power LED Delta, this powerful LED light is a direct replacement for the conventional halogen cabinet light.
With cool running, energy efficiency and exceptionally long life (up to 60,000 hours), this is now our best selling cabinet light.

  High Powered Cabinet LED-Recessed

 High Powered Cabinet LED-Recessed

This recessed version of the 24v 1.65w Optical LED is ideal for recessing into furniture. Due to is low running temperature, it is ideal for applications where a traditional halogen can't be used. For example 'blind holes' or directly above an open door. Requires a 60mm hole.

 high power spot led

 1w High Power Spot

Small & discreet, this tiny light packs a big punch. Ideal for display cabinets, with glass shelves. Requires a 25mm hole.

 led kitchen lights


 GX53 LED Cabinet Lights

The new LED GX53 is a direct replacement for the 7w GX53 compact fluorescents. Mains voltage, so no transformer required; these new lamps are rated at 3.5w, using half the power of the fluorescent version. Cool running & long life, these simple twist and lock LED lamps can be used to retro fit existing fittings using the fluorescent lamp. Available in both White & warm white.

 led square

 High Power LED Square

This contemporary surface mounted design incorporates the 1.25w version of the 24v high power LED. Simple to fit with 4 small screws or a self adhesive pad.

 flat round led

 Flat round LED

This slim 12v 1.4w LED is a firm favourite kitchen light. At only 6mm thick and 57mm in diameter this LED gives a surprising amount of crisp white light from its 19 individual LED modules. Also available in blue.

 led tape

Kitchen led tape lighting

Kitchen led tape

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 LED Tape

LED tape is proving increasingly popular in the kitchen environment due to its versatility. Ideal for wall washing above cabinets, inside cabinets with frosted glass fronts or behind glass shelves.
Available in Warm White, White, blue red or green. Generally 12v with 60 LED's per m and 8mm or 12mm wide, with a power consumption of 4.8w per metre. Also available in a 24v high power version at 14.4w per metre.
Our latest version has side emitting LED diodes so the tape can be used on curved island units with the light shining down on drawer fronts.
All the tape is self adhesive and can be supplied in any length up to 6m with a variety of leads & connections.

 led colour changing tape

Kitchen lighting led tape4

Kitchen lighting from light solutions

 LED Colour Changing Tape

LED colour changing tape is available with 30 LED's per metre and can be supplied in any length up to 6m. Can me used with a remote RGB controller or a inline push button controller. The light can be fixed at any one of the 7 fixed colours or be programmed to perform merged or stepped colour changes. Also available in 300mm flexible strips that can be linked together or mounted separately.

 Kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting

 LED Extrusions

We can supply a vast range of Aluminium profiles with polycarbonate covers. These are ideal not only for kitchens, but shop displays and bars. Available in various lengths & are designed to use the LED tape options detailed above.

 Kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting

 LED Plinth Lights

Plinth lights offer the finishing touch to any new kitchen. Simple but effective mood lighting can be achieved with the minimum of effort. Generally sold in a 4 light kit with a power supply, with the option to expand to a maximum of 10 lights. We can also supply a range of IP rated lights for bathroom or decking. Most kits are available in white or blue.

 Kitchen lighting


Hand operated sensor switch, which is activated with hand movement between 5-10cm from the sensor head. Can be used with LED or halogen lighting and is wired between the mains supply and the transformer or LED driver. Sensor head requires 13mm mounting hole.

 Kitchen lighting

 Touch switch

105VA Electronic transformer for use with up to 5 x 20w halogen lights. Touch the included button once and the lights come on, touch again and they go off. Touch and hold the button & the lights will go through the 'dimming cycle'. Release the button and the lights will remain at this level, until the brightness is adjusted again.

 Kitchen lighting

 Fire Rated Ceiling Downlights

Fully compliant fire & acoustically rated downlights. Easy to install & re-lamp. Available in Brushed Nickel, Chrome, White & Brass. Can be supplied in MR16, GU10, 7w LED or low energy lamps in fixed, tilt and shower versions.

Kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting



Kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting


Kitchen lighting


Kitchen lighting


Kitchen lighting


Kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting


These tried & tested fluorescents come in a variety of wattages & lengths, from 236mm 6w to 1224mm 36w. Two versions available, one through wires & the other comes complete with GST1813 male and female connectors. Linkable,ultra reliable & German made, all come with Warm White Tubes as standard.

Kitchen lighting

Glass light box

Illuminated Glass light Boxes, available in 450mm, 600mm & 900mm Lengths. 50mm deep aluminium profile with toughened glass and individual switches.

Kitchen lighting

 Illuminated Glass Shelf

Available in 600mm or 900mm lengths with either T4 fluorescent or LED light sources.

Power Tower

Our power towers are now available with a stainless steel lid. The housing neatly slots away in its fully retracted position in a work top. Pop the lid and pull up the 3 x UK 3 pin plug sockets and 2 x USB power sockets. Also available with black or silver finish lids.


Remote Receiver

Our new single colour remote is ideal for switching and dimming single colour LED tape runs or lengths of LED profiles. Can be used on 12v (max 144w) or 24v (max 288w). Remote has a 30m range and high, med and low pre-sets along with a touch wheel dimmer.


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