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Light Solutions offer a wide range of 'architectural strip lights'. We can provide German made 30 and 50cm 'spines' in push, pull and un-switched from stock, with matching 35w and 60w S14s lamps.

These inexpensive fittings are often used on stage and in the studio. Placed end-to-end they give the impression of a continuous length of light, which, because of the tungsten filament source, makes them far easier to pulse, chase and dim than fluorescent tubes.

Also in stock are our 'premium' range of German made 1m /120w, 50cm/60w push switch brushed aluminium fittings.

We also supply single S14s lamp holders, S14d lamp holders with 35w and 60w S14d central cap lamps from stock and S12s lamp holders for oval peg cap lamps.

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door sensors

Single or double door sensors.

Single or double door sensors are now available for wardrobes and fitted
furniture. Activated on open and closing or the door and work on hinged or sliding
doors. Small an discrete (23 x 18 x 8mm), complete with all necessary wiring and
compatible with all off our LED cabinet lighting or LED tape.
furniture lighting


3w 'COB' Chip on Board LED Downlight . Extremely bright, uniform light and wide beam angle. 60mm in diameter and 12.5mm deep. Runs off a 12v power supply, and is available in stainless or aluminium finishes and Cool White or warm white colour temperatures. Ideal for display or retail. Can be used with our range of dimmers and switching options.

Cabinet display lighting

 High Power Cabinet LED-Surface

Using the same light source as the High Power LED Delta, this powerful LED light is a direct replacement for the conventional halogen cabinet light.
With cool running, energy efficiency and exceptionally long life (up to 60,000 hours), this is now our best selling cabinet light.

 furniture Cabinet lighting

 High Powered Cabinet LED-Recessed

This recessed version of the 24v 1.65w Optical LED is ideal for recessing into furniture. Due to is low running temperature, it is ideal for applications where a traditional halogen can't be used. For example 'blind holes' or directly above an open door. Requires a 60mm hole.

 furniture Cabinet display lighting

 1w High Power Spot

Small and discreet, this tiny light packs a big punch. Ideal for display cabinets, with glass shelves. Requires a 25mm hole.

 led Cabinet display lighting

 Flat round LED

This slim 12v 1.4w LED is a firm favourite in the kitchen. At only 6mm thick and 57mm in diameter this LED gives a surprising amount of crisp white light from its 19 individual LED modules. Also available in blue.

 led tape

led tape lighting

led tape lights

led tape uk

led kitchen tape

  LED Tape

LED tape is proving increasingly popular in the kitchen environment due to its versatility. Ideal for wall washing above cabinets, inside cabinets with frosted glass fronts or behind glass shelves.
Available in Warm White, White, blue red or green. Generally 12v with 60 LED's per m and 8mm or 12mm wide, with a power consumption of 4.8w per metre. Also available in a 24v high power version at 14.4w per metre.
Our latest version has side emitting LED diodes so the tape can be used on curved island units with the light shining down on drawer fronts.
All the tape is self adhesive and can be supplied in any length up to 6m with a variety of leads & connections.

 architectural lighting


The architectural range offers a warm flattering light and is ideal for use over mirrors etc. Supplied in 30cm or 50cm lengths they can be butt-joined for continuous lengths of lighting. 35w (30cm) and 60w (50cm) lamps are included. Push Switch, Pull Switch or Unswitched models available.
Finishes (Bodies):- White & brushed aluminium.
Range includes S14s,S14d & S12s Lamps & lampholders

 universal downlights

 Universal Downlights

Designed by Light Solutions for the replacement of US style cabinet lighting with a product, which meets UK and European Standards, these lights are suitable for 25w or 30w R39 reflector lamps.
Finishes:- Black, Brass, Brown or White.

 r39 downlights

 R39 Downlights

Light Solutions offer a wide variety of R39 Downlights, which can be surface mounted or recessed with brackets of various sizes.
Finishes:- Brass or Chrome.

 pygmy lights

 Pygmy Lights

These compact lights provide the most economic forms of cabinet lighting etc. Unswitched, Push Switch and Pull Switch versions are available and metal reflectors can be used to make the most of the light output from a 15w lamp. Moulded Pygmy Lights with foil reflectors are also provided.

linking systems

Linking Systems

A number of connectors are available to simplify and speed up installation. The most frequently used are for 2-wire types but 3-wire versions are also available. Single, triple and six-way connectors are the most popular.

halogen lighting dimmer switch

Low Voltage Touch Dimmer Switch for Halogen Lighting

  • Touch switch activated by finger contact, touch to switch on, touch again to switch off.
  • Dim the lights to the desired level by touching the switch for a few seconds. The transformer has a built-in memory feature that will memorise the light level next time the lights are switched on.
  • Rated at 105VA suitable for use with 1 to 5 20w lights

 Transformer 60 Watt Low Voltage

  • Suitable for use with most trailing and leading edge dimmers. Fully protected against overheating, short circuit and overload on low voltage side and against mains surge.
  • Supplies a soft start to prolong lamp life
  • Dimensions L 123mm W 33 mm & H 25mm
  • Fitted with three-way AMP low voltage connection block & 2m mains lead.
  • RFO suppression in accordance with EN55015
  • Safety BSEN61046
  • Operates from 1 to 3 x 20w low voltage lights or 1 x 50w
  • Installation and operating instructions
 switcher remote electronic switch

 Switcher Remote Electronic Switch

The Switcher allows double insulated lights (using 2-wire systems) to be switched by the wave of a hand. The feature is particularly useful in kitchens where lights can be operated without the need to touch a switch. The Switcher can operate transformers for halogen lights. A 3-wire Switcher for lights needing an ‘earth’ is also on offer.


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